We founded Kestrel West because we enjoy solving problems, we enjoy learning new things and we enjoy the process of helping other people be successful. Serving a variety of clients gives us a chance to do work that is fulfilling, rewarding and always exciting.

The firm was founded in 2012 by two former Congressional staffers who were intrigued by the idea of a service-based consulting firm. We wanted a business focused on legislative lobbying and political advice in a way that wasn’t just about wins and losses. We had a bigger vision of helping businesses and elected officials be successful.

We’ve been fortunate to grow quickly because at the core of our work and approach is the fundamental principle of service. Kestrel West was founded to give us a platform for helping other people.

We do this work so that we can have an impact and make a difference for the communities we love. We always make sure our work is in the best interests of the West, and we make sure that our success helps benefit worthy causes such as the Treasure Valley Family YMCA and other area non-profits.