Savvy leaders understand that the functions of government have a direct and tangible impact on almost every business. Taxes, regulations and legislation can have a major affect on you, your employees and your customers. We help you make sure those impacts are positive, and leave your business or organization positioned well for long-term success in the marketplace.


We provide public employees and elected officials with the information they need to make the right decisions. We help elected officials meet their own goals in a way that helps effect positive outcomes for our clients and for their state.

We draft legislation, facilitate strategy, meet directly with decision-makers, testify at hearings, prepare background materials and become content experts on key issues so that we can help you and your organization overcome obstacles or achieve new success.

Our knowledge of local and state government means we are capable of tackling almost any issue. Our client experience and backgrounds give us deep and specialized content knowledge in natural resources, education, technology, procurement and telecom.


Stopping a piece of legislation or a regulation doesn’t always solve a political problem. Sometimes it takes a more direct approach, working in a strategic way to accomplish specific goals for public perception or the bottom line.

Our relationships and knowledge of government means we can advise on almost any issue, and our experience gives us the background to collaborate across your teams to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy.

In the same way that we provide public employees and elected officials with accurate, timely information they need to make decisions, we help businesses find new opportunities to grow revenue.

Our political and policy insights allow us to be a true value-add for your teams. We believe that an understanding of the unique political dynamics of state and local governments can help you create a pipeline for future business.