Savvy leaders understand that the functions of government have a direct and tangible impact on almost every business. Taxes, regulations and legislation can have a major affect on you, your employees and your customers. We help you make sure those impacts are positive, and leave your business or organization positioned well for long-term success in the marketplace.


In a state where part-time legislators don’t have staff, lobbyists fill the void.

We provide public employees and elected officials with accurate, timely information they need to make the right decisions. We help Idaho’s elected officials meet their own goals in a way that helps effect positive outcomes for our clients and for the state of Idaho.

We draft legislation, organize strategy, meet directly with decision-makers, testify at hearings, prepare background materials and become content experts on key issues so that we can help you and your organization overcome obstacles or achieve new success.

Our knowledge of Idaho’s local and state governments mean we are capable of tackling almost any issue. Our client experience means we also have specialized content knowledge in natural resources, education policy, technology and agriculture.


Stopping a piece of legislation or a regulation doesn’t always solve a political problem. Sometimes it takes a more direct approach, working directly to engage a community of interest to affect the most positive outcome on a particular issue.

That’s why we also solve problems through research, planning and execution of strategic campaigns to influence events and changes to public policy. We know how to listen, a value rooted in the Western way of doing business.

We use a number of tools to help people and organizations tell their stories and achieve success. This toolbox gives us a suite of resources to utilize as we work through a specific plan toward the end goal of of success for our clients.

The suite includes strategic planning, lobbying elected officials and public-sector staff, issue management, media development, crisis communications and development of collateral materials to help clients tell their stories.

Case Studies

Bring together residents and government for a common solution

Bring together residents and government for a common solution

Local residents needed to upgrade their sewer and water systems, but that required annexation and dissolution of a longtime community water district. Other firms proposed expensive media campaigns or direct-mail efforts. We proposed simply talking directly with residents. Working with different agencies we created a simple, clear explanation of the problem and the proposed solution, and made sure everyone in the community heard the message. The result? Overwhelming approval for a solution to a potentially divisive issue.

Help a new industry develop tax policy for long-term growth

Help a new industry develop tax policy for long-term growth

An out-of-state company was investing millions of dollars into an energy project but was blindsided by an unexpected tax assessment on a core piece of their property. We worked with their team to devise a legislative strategy to create a special exemption for that core infrastructure and developed a simple message to explain the problem to policy makers. What could have been a major tax fight in the legislature ended with overwhelming approval of a new, better approach for industry and the local assessor.

Improve education funding and modernize the state budget

Improve education funding and modernize the state budget

Technology has evolved in amazing ways over the last decade, and that has had dramatic impacts on education. However, local school districts have struggled to find the money needed to pay for innovations. Over several consecutive legislative sessions we worked closely with Idaho’s budget-writers to put more money into education while moving past old, contentious disagreements. The state has boosted teacher pay while also giving local school districts the resources they need to prepare students for the future.


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